Yukon River Area
Subsistence Fishing


Yukon tundra during fall.
Yukon tundra during fall. Photo by Danielle Ringer

The ADF&G Subsistence Section has conducted comprehensive baseline subsistence surveys within the Yukon River drainage that document quantities and types of wild foods harvests and uses. Ethnographic research projects also performed in the area have documented traditional ecological knowledge (TEK), historical and contemporary importance of salmon to the economy and culture, as well as mapping of harvest areas through time. More recently the Division has conducted research to document the harvest and use of nonsalmon fish species in Middle Yukon River communities. Themes emergent from his research indicated that residents have developed a complex generational body of knowledge about nonsalmon fish and that the harvest and uses are linked to the presence of elders, the maintenance of dog teams, and cultural events. Traditional ecological knowledge is increasingly recognized as an important factor in natural resource management. Research is reported in Subsistence Section Technical Papers, is available to the public, and helps resource managers make informed decisions.