Southeast Alaska Personal Use Salmon Fishery
Permits & Regulations

Area Specific Information

Southeast Alaska Personal Use Salmon

  • There are a number of different Personal Use Salmon fisheries in Southeast Alaska. These fisheries are managed by regulation and emergency order, the fisheries may not open or may close at any time. Always check with your local ADF&G office before going fishing.
  • Personal use salmon fishing in Southeast is managed under a permit system that specifies harvest limits, allowable gear types and open areas/seasons. Information and permits may be obtained online at or at your local ADF&G office.
  • A valid Alaska sport fishing license is required for personal use fishing in addition to a current subsistence and personal use salmon fishing permit.
  • Depending on the area you are fishing in, gear that can be used includes set gillnets, drift gillnets, gaffs, spears, beach seines, dip nets, cast nets and hand purse seines. The permit issued for each area specifies the allowable types of gear.