For Freshwater Charter Operators and Guides

The freshwater guide logbook program will end on May 26, 2019. To address recent questions, we have heard from you, the department wants to provide some clarifying points related to this action:

  • Freshwater guides and guide businesses are still required to register with the department and freshwater guides will need to have their 2019 registration card or validated temporary registration form with them when providing sport fishing guide services. In addition, freshwater guides will continue to have in their possession while guiding:
    • a copy of the current ADF&G sport fishing business owner’s registration of the guide’s employer;
    • a current Alaska sport fishing license, tags, stamps or permits that are required to engage in the sport fishery for which guide services are being provided;
    • an identification card issued to the sport fishing guide by a state or federal agency that bears a photo of the sport fishing guide (e.g. driver’s license).
  • Vessels used to provide freshwater sport fishing guide services must still be registered with the department and will be issued annual stickers for vessel registration.
    • For freshwater guide businesses that operate on or before May 25, 2019, the 2019 freshwater logbook that was issued which includes the page with the registered vessel(s) for the business, serves as your vessel registration.
    • For freshwater guide businesses that register after May 25, 2019, the existing 2019 freshwater logbook will be issued to the guide business and used only for vessel registration.
    • In both situations, the 2019 logbook with the vessel registration must be retained by the guide business for the remainder of 2019 but does not need to be on the vessel or with the guide when providing sport fishing guide services.

If you have any questions regarding the changes to the freshwater logbook program, please contact Tom Taube at (907) 465-6184 or