Chuit River

Beaver in water In response to questions from the public about access to and fishing on the Chuit River (Chuitna River), and trespass concerns of the upland owners along the river, the Department of Fish and Game and the Department of Natural Resources have compiled this Web Page to help identify the limited public access routes to the river.

The Chuit River is on the west side of Cook Inlet 40 miles west of Anchorage. It is a popular public sport fishing location for king salmon, silver salmon and rainbow trout. Most fishing takes place near the mouth up river to about river mile 6 and near the confluence of Lone Creek. The land ownership along the lower nine miles of the Chuit River is mixed. The uplands on both sides are owned by Tyonek Native Corporation (TNC), except for several Native allotments and land in Section 30, T.12 N., R.10 W. on the north side of the river mouth, which is owned by either the Kenai Peninsula Borough or private parties. (See the Chuit River Land Status Map)

This web site will attempt to answer questions regarding access to, and use of, private and public land, and assist the visitor in planning a trip to the Chuit River. The map provided on this site depicts the land ownership pattern and the location of public use easements.

No matter where you go or how long you stay, we hope you have a safe and memorable trip. Please remember to be a courteous camper by packing out your waste and, if possible, leaving this beautiful area in better shape than when you arrived.

View the Director''s Report on Use and Navigability of the Chuitna River (PDF 3,953 kB)