Chignik location map

Commercial Fisheries Overview
Chignik Management Area

The Chignik Management Area (CMA) is located on the south side of the Alaska Peninsula, approximately 250 miles southwest of Kodiak. Site of one of the earliest commercial salmon fisheries in Alaska--in 1878 two canneries operated here. Commercial salmon fishing continues to be the basis of economic and community life in Chignik and a seasonal salmon processing plant still operates here. Sockeye salmon is by far the most important species harvested in the CMA, although pink salmon can also be important. Newly established state waters groundfish fisheries are also providing additional fishing opportunity for Chignik residents, although groundfish are not processed locally. Crab and herring fisheries have declined in importance because of low abundance for crab stocks and lack of markets for herring. The harvest of salmon for subsistence use is very important to Chignik residents.