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Arctic/Yukon/Kuskokwim Finfish – January 14-18, 2023

Location: Anchorage – Egan Civic & Convention Center

Comment due date: December 30, 2022

Meeting Summary:

Meeting Documents:

Department Reports:

CFEC Report - AYK Commercial Salmon Fisheries 1976-2021 (PDF 1,550 kB)

Department of Law Comments (PDF 299 kB)

Alaska Wildlife Troopers Comments (PDF 237 kB)

Meeting Proposals

Arctic/Yukon/Kuskokwim Finfish View PDF of all proposals for Arctic/Yukon/Kuskokwim Finfish | Hide Category Arctic/Yukon/Kuskokwim Finfish

Record Copy (RC) — Submitted during the meeting

Record Copy (RC) # Description
RC004 (PDF 845 kB) Southern Norton Sound AC MINUTES 10.27.2022
RC005 (PDF 1,368 kB) USFWS Ichthyophonus Flyer
RC006 (PDF 777 kB) Koyukuk River AC MINUTES 1.11.23
RC007 (PDF 1,804 kB) Bethel AC MINUTES 12.12.2022
RC008 (PDF 2,192 kB) Central Kuskokwim AC MINUTES 11.1.2022
RC009 (PDF 659 kB) Lower Kuskokwim AC NOTES 1.3.2023
RC010 (PDF 3,384 kB) Mid Lower Yukon AC MINUTES 11.17.2022
RC011 (PDF 878 kB) Minto Nenana AC MINUTES 1.6.2023 1.12.2023
RC012 (PDF 751 kB) Middle Yukon River AC MINUTES 1.10.2023
RC013 (PDF 952 kB) Charlie Lean NNSAC Comments Proposal 77
RC014 (PDF 612 kB) Greg Rutzer Comnents Proposal 170
RC015 (PDF 605 kB) Brent Gilbertson Comments Proposal 170
RC016 (PDF 607 kB) Diego Castillo Comments Proposal 170
RC017 (PDF 641 kB) Josh Wisniewski Comments Proposal 171
RC018 (PDF 727 kB) Kendrick Hautala Comments Proposals 90 91 93 140
RC019 (PDF 11,032 kB) Brown et al 2017 ChinookSpawningAreasYukonRiver
RC020 (PDF 787 kB) Michael Williams KRITFC Comments
RC021 (PDF 740 kB) Ludi Gericke Comments Proposal 93
RC022 (PDF 1,372 kB) MEMORANDUM Committee Recommendation for holding a Joint Board meeting
RC023 (PDF 1,240 kB) Central Kuskokwim AC Color Map and Graph Proposal 93
RC024 (PDF 904 kB) Murphy et al 2019 Title and Abstract Northern Bering Sea Trawl Survey
RC025 (PDF 791 kB) Kyle Watkins Comments Proposal 170
RC026 (PDF 612 kB) Justin Wilson Comments Proposal 170
RC027 (PDF 607 kB) Corey Wilson Comments Proposal 170
RC028 (PDF 578 kB) Andrew Wilson Comments Proposal 170
RC029 (PDF 638 kB) Jeff Burwell Comments Proposal 170
RC030 (PDF 1,504 kB) Francis Thompson Testimony
RC031 (PDF 606 kB) Mike Rutzer Comments Proposal 170
RC032 (PDF 734 kB) John Evich Comments Proposal 170
RC033 (PDF 731 kB) Yukon Delta Fisheries Development Association Comments
RC034 (PDF 683 kB) YDFDA Suggested Amendment Proposal 88
RC035 (PDF 658 kB) YDFDA Suggested Amendment Proposal 80
RC036 (PDF 691 kB) YDFDA Suggested Amendment Proposal 84
RC037 (PDF 742 kB) Public Testimony List FINAL
RC038 (PDF 689 kB) YDFDA Changed Recommendation Regarding Proposal 82
RC039 (PDF 617 kB) Patricia MacDonald Comments
RC040 (PDF 1,331 kB) Kwethluk IRA Positions on Proposals
RC041 (PDF 636 kB) Stan Zuray Fish Friendly Fish Wheels
RC042 (PDF 574 kB) Substitute Language Proposal 170 Member Carpenter
RC043 (PDF 652 kB) Substitue Language Proposal 171-172 Member Jensen
RC044 (PDF 689 kB) Substitute Langauge Proposal 76 Member Wood
RC045 (PDF 3,096 kB) Mountain Village Subsistence Harvest 2010 Submitted by Stanislaus Sheppard
RC046 (PDF 743 kB) Chena PFAS map Member Wood
RC047 (PDF 573 kB) Substitute Language Proposal 70 Member Carpenter
RC048 (PDF 608 kB) Substitute Language Proposal 65 Member Carlson Van Dort
RC049 (PDF 697 kB) Ron Kavanaugh Emergency Petition
RC050 (PDF 710 kB) YDFDA Suggested Amendment Proposal 82
RC051 (PDF 673 kB) YDFDA Update to Suggested Amendment Proposal 84
RC052 (PDF 1,038 kB) Regarding Fish and Wildlife Enforcement in Alaska Submitted by Member Mitchell
RC053 (PDF 645 kB) Tiffany Andrew Comments Proposal 89
RC054 (PDF 608 kB) Substitute Language Proposal 86 Member Carlson-Van Dort
RC055 (PDF 644 kB) Substitute Language Proposal 84 Member Jensen
RC056 (PDF 705 kB) Suggested Substitute Language Proposal 82 Member Carlson-VanDort
RC057 (PDF 715 kB) YDFDA Request for Recondiseration Proposal 88
RC058 (PDF 775 kB) 2023 AYK Meeting Misc Business Agenda
RC059 (PDF 719 kB) Record Copy Log

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