Cost Share Program
Kenai River Project

The Kenai Cost Share Project is a financial incentive and educational outreach project directed towards private landowners and public land managers. The Project provides funding and technical project design assistance to sustain and enhance valuable salmon habitat on the Kenai Peninsula. ADF&G partners with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, nonprofit organizations, local governments, and landowners to conduct projects to rehabilitate and sustain salmon habitat in watersheds of the Kenai Peninsula. ADF&G staff provides education opportunities to landowners, public land managers and the general public to learn about the value of fish habitat, and provides technical planning and permitting assistance.

The Kenai project was established in 1995, and since its inception, over 500 shoreline rehabilitation and protection projects have been installed throughout the Kenai Peninsula. This has included removing over 4,000 feet of structures that were detrimental to juvenile salmon, sustaining fish habitat on over nine miles of shoreline and rehabilitating over three miles of shoreline. To find out more information about the Project, contact Jess Johnson, Habitat Biologist, by phone at (907) 267-2403 or by email at

Jim's landing before Jim's landing after
Bank stabilization and riparian revegetation using root wads, brush layers and native vegetated mat on the Kenai River at Jim’s Landing.