Cost Share Program
Kenai River Project

Private landowner on the Kenai River

The Kenai River in Soldotna, Alaska, was the site of a streambank rehabilitation and protection project. The landowner recognized the need for intervention and contacted the Streambank Rehabilitation and Protection Program in the fall of 2017. Recognizing the importance of the project site, several agencies came together to help. These included the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G), the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Kenai Soil and Water Conservation District, and the Alaska Sustainable Salmon Fund.

In the spring of 2018, the project team began the rehabilitation and protection efforts by installing several measures. This included 50 feet of trenched willows, 110 feet of cabled spruce trees, and 20 potted alders. The trenched willows and cabled spruce trees are used to stabilize the streambank and prevent further erosion. Alders are a vital part of the ecosystem as they provide important habitat for a variety of wildlife, and their root systems help to stabilize the soil. Hydroseed was also applied to a 54-feet by 75-feet area with native grasses, which provide additional stability and protection to the site.

Thanks to the efforts of the team, this site is on it's way to being rehabilitated. The measures put in place have helped to reduce erosion, promote the growth of native plant species, and provide habitat for a variety of wildlife. The project serves as an example of how collaboration between concerned individuals and organizations can help to protect and preserve our natural resources.

Photo taken looking downstream in October 2017 the previous fall before the project was installed and after in 2021.