Hunter Information and Training (HIT) Program

Group of HIT program participants posing outdoors The Hunter Information & Training (HIT) Program is responsible for the administration of certification courses required to hunt in many parts of the state and other jurisdictions throughout North America. The HIT Program, with the assistance of over 400 volunteer instructors, offers quality training and education throughout Alaska. The certification courses offered include: hunter education, bowhunter education, crossbow education, and muzzleloader education. The HIT Program is also actively involved in outdoor education programs designed to recruit and retain new hunters into the shooting sports and preserve our hunter heritage.

Hunter Education

The hunter education course provides training in firearms safety, wildlife conservation, and respect for our natural resources, landowners, and other hunters.

Bowhunter Education

The bowhunter education certification course provides training in wildlife conservation, bowhunting techniques and safety, and outdoor preparedness. This certification course is endorsed by the IBEP/NBEF.

Muzzleloader Education

The muzzleloader education certification provides "hands-on" instruction on safe handling of black powder, black powder substitutes, and muzzleloaders at the range and in the field This course is required for all hunters who apply for and/or hunt in "Muzzleloader Only" hunts.

Crossbow Education

The crossbow education certification course provides instruction on crossbow techniques and safety, wildlife conservation, and outdoor preparedness.

Become a Volunteer Instructor

Do you enjoy mentoring children and others in firearms safety? HIT volunteer instructors assist in developing safe Alaskan hunters, improving hunter ethics and responsibility, and passing on a valuable tradition to thousands of new outdoor enthusiasts.

Class Schedules

Find a hunter, bowhunter, crossbow, or muzzleloader education certification class in your area.

Alaskans Afield

Alaskans Afield classes provide fun, hands-on learning of hunting, shooting, and outdoor skills needed to recreate safely in Alaska. Classes are designed for both youth and adults.

Women's Programs

The Becoming an Outdoors Woman (BOW) Program offers hands-on workshops that teach adult women outdoor skills while building their confidence and ability to get out and safely enjoy all that Alaska has to offer.

Youth Programs

The HIT Program is heavily involved with youth conservation and shooting programs, including: National Archery in the Schools (NASP), Youth Shotgun League, and Outdoor Youth Days day camp.

State Shooting Ranges

The State of Alaska oversees three shooting ranges, each offering a variety of opportunities to the public. They are located in Anchorage, Juneau, and Fairbanks.

Hunting and Fishing Forums

All forums are designed as basic courses for beginner participants.