Entanglement in Marine Debris

What You Can Do:

Marine garbage

How can you help reduce entanglements? It’s easy. Just “Lose the Loop and Stash the Trash!” Simple procedures such as eliminating the use of plastic packing bands, cutting entangling loops of synthetic material, and placing them in the proper trash receptacle can prevent many entanglements.

"Lose the Loop and Stash the Trash!"

If you or someone you know spots an entangled marine mammal, please use the following contacts:

  • National Marine Fisheries Service statewide 24-hour Stranding Hotline: (877) 925-7773 or (877) 9-AKR-PRD
  • The Alaska SeaLife Center has an extensive stranding and rehabilitation program to help injured animals. Their Stranding website contains descriptions of their work and what the public should do if they encounter an injured animal. The SeaLife Center’s Stranded Marine Animal Hotline is: (888) 774-SEAL (7325)
  • The Office of Protected Resources stranding website contains a list of important contacts. They can also be reached by phone: (907) 586-7235 (Juneau) or (907) 271-5006 (Anchorage)

If you or someone you know spots and photographs an entangled Steller sea lion, especially those that have brands or flipper tags, please email the photo(s) and associated information to:

Please send us photos of entangled and/or branded sea lions.