Ice Seal Tracking Maps Archive

07/213/2012 – 08/226/2012

Requested Tracking Map
Over the last fourteen days we have received transmissions from two ringed seals. Neither seal has moved more than 75 miles from their last location on the previous update. One seal (110593) remains north of the Chukotka Peninsula, Russia, and the other seal (110584) is located in the Beaufort Sea. MODIS sea ice images have been obscured by heavy cloud cover during recent weeks. Therefore, we used data from the National Weather Service Ice Desk, in Anchorage, Alaska. The Ice Desk produces sea ice charts for the Bering, Chukchi, and Beaufort seas. On the ringed seal map, the ice regions are labeled by percent concentration. The full ice map, including the type of ice and the thickness, can be seen at:

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