Ice Seal Tracking Maps Archive

06/18/2014 – 07/01/2014

Requested Tracking Map
We are excited to present the first map from the 2014 seal tagging project conducted by ADF&G in cooperation with the Native Village of Kotzebue and funded by BOEM. This map shows the recent movements of 4 adult ringed seals (2 male and 2 female) and 1 young male bearded seal (the yellow track on the map, BS14-02-M) from when they were tagged on 18 and 19 June to 1 July. The seals were tagged south of Kotzebue by the local crew consisting of John Goodwin, Pearl Goodwin, Boyuk Goodwin, Frank Garfield, Edward Ahyakak, and Denali Whiting with logistics assistance by Alex Whiting. The non-local crew included Kathy Frost and Mark Nelson.

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