Ice Seal Tracking Maps Archive

11/07/2014 – 11/17/2014

Requested Tracking Map
Over the last ten days we have received transmissions from 4 ringed (solid lines) and 4 bearded (dashed lines) seals. Two ringed and one bearded seal are in Kotzebue Sound, the same bay they were tagged in during June 2014. One ringed seal is near the Bering Strait. Two of the three bearded seals tagged on the Koyuk River are still located in Norton Sound. The third bearded seal is in the Bering Sea and is currently north of the Pribilof Islands, roughly 60 miles north east of the 200 m isobath.

In addition to the movement tracks of these seals we mapped the 200 m isobath (black line) and the OCS Leases (orange blocks). Sea ice data are courtesy of the U.S. National Ice Center, dated 17 November ( Seals were tagged in Kotzebue Sound on 18 and 19 June in collaboration with the Native Village of Kotzebue and on the Koyuk River on 26 and 30 September. Funding for tagging has been provided by BOEM.

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