Ice Seal Tracking Maps Archive

06/25/2018 – 07/10/2018

Requested Tracking Map
We are pleased to announce that we tagged two spotted seals near Scammon Bay, Alaska from 3 to 5 July. The spotted seals were captured, tagged, and released with the assistance of River Simon, Al Smith, and Yukon Rivers of Scammon Bay. We deployed a CTD tag on one seal and a SPLASH tag on the other; both seals were also instrumented with flipper (SPOT) tags.

During the last 15 days we have received locations for 2 bearded and 3 spotted seals. The two bearded seals are still near sea ice in the northeast Chukchi Sea. All three spotted seals are near Scammon Bay. Sea ice data are courtesy of the U.S. National Ice Center, dated 10 July (

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