Ice Seal Tracking Maps Archive

07/07/2017 – 07/17/2017

Requested Tracking Map
We are pleased to announce that we tagged one adult spotted seal and two young spotted seals near Scammon Bay, Alaska on 10 and 11 July. The seals were captured, tagged, and released by Morgan Simon and his son River Simon of Buckland, Mark Nelson (ADF&G), and Ryan Adam (ADF&G). We deployed a CTD tag on the adult and SPLASH tags on the young spotted seals; all three also received flipper SPOT tags.

During the last 10 days we have received locations for 1 bearded, 2 ringed, and 6 spotted seals. The bearded seal (BS16-05-F, red square) is still in the Beaufort Sea, northwest of Kaktovik. The two adult ringed seals tagged near Buckland in June (red and yellow arrows) are currently north of Utqiaġvik, one of which (RS17-02-M, yellow triangle) has moved north of the 200m isobath. The three spotted seals recent tagged near Scammon Bay moved off shore soon after being tagged (blue, pink, and green circles). Sea ice data are courtesy of the NASA Rapid Response Network, dated 13 July (

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