Ice Seal Tracking Maps Archive

07/186/2016 – 07/200/2016

Requested Tracking Map
During the last fourteen days we have received locations for 2 bearded seals and 3 ringed seals. Bearded seal BS15-07-M (blue line) is still moving north in the eastern Chukchi Sea. The second bearded seal, BS16-01-M (green line), is lingering in central Norton Sound. As for the ringed seals, RS16-01-M (gray line) has moved north to the edge of the sea ice in the Chukchi Sea. The two ringed seals tagged with CTD tags by NSB-DWM (RS16-02-M, red line; and RS16-07-M, yellow line) are still moving east and north, respectively, from Barrow. No clear satellite images were available from the NASA Rapid Response Network because of thick cloud cover this week. Therefore, sea ice data are courtesy of the University of Bremen, Germany, and dated 18 July (

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