Ice Seal Tracking Maps Archive

07/14/2017 – 07/24/2017

Requested Tracking Map
During the last 10 days we have received locations for 2 bearded, 2 ringed, and 5 spotted seals. This week bearded seal BS16-07-F (yellow square) returned to the same river it was tagged in, the Inglutalik River near Koyuk, during July 2016. The last location we received from this seal's SPOT tags was from the coast, north of Wales, on 7 June. The bearded seal (BS16-05-F, red square) is still in the Beaufort Sea, northwest of Kaktovik. The two adult ringed seals (red and yellow arrows) are near Utqiaġvik. Two of the three spotted seals recently tagged near Scammon Bay have returned to the coast after moving off shore soon after being tagged (blue and pink circles). Sea ice data are courtesy of the U.S. National Ice Center, dated 23 July (

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