Ice Seal Tracking Maps Archive

07/13/2016 – 07/27/2016

Requested Tracking Map
During the last fourteen days we have received locations for 2 bearded seals and 3 ringed seals. Bearded seal BS15-07-M (blue line) is in the northeastern Chukchi Sea. The second bearded seal, BS16-01-M (green line), has moved west, out of Norton Sound and into the Bering Sea. As for the ringed seals, RS16-01-M (gray line) has moved north to the edge of the sea ice in the Chukchi Sea. The two ringed seals tagged with CTD tags by NSB-DWM (RS16-02-M and RS16-07-M, yellow line) have moved in opposite directions. RS16-02-M (red line) is in the Beaufort Sea and has moved east along the Alaskan coast. RS16-07-M (yellow line) has moved southwest into the Chukchi Sea. Sea ice data are courtesy of the NASA Rapid Response Network, dated 24 July (

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