Ice Seal Tracking Maps Archive

08/17/2015 – 08/31/2015

Requested Tracking Map
We are pleased to announce that eight bearded and one ringed seal were recently tagged in the Norton Sound region by trained hunter-taggers. Merlin Henry from Koyuk captured and tagged four young bearded seals between 18 – 20 August near the Koyuk River. This is Merlin's second successful year. He tagged three bearded seals in September last year. Alexander Niksik worked with Palsson Fitka to capture and tag four bearded and one ringed seal near St. Michael on 22 – 23 August. The hunter-taggers were assisted in both locations by Mark Nelson (ADF&G).

During the last fourteen days we have received locations from the 8 bearded (dashed line) seals recently tagged in the Norton Sound region and no ringed seals. Seals are located in Norton Sound and the eastern Bering Sea. The recent tagging locations are depicted with a yellow star.

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