Ice Seal Tracking Maps Archive

09/30/2017 – 10/09/2017

Requested Tracking Map
During the last 10 days we have received locations for 4 bearded, 2 ringed, and 7 spotted seals. All three of the bearded seals tagged near Koyuk in September have left Norton Sound. BS17-02-F (red square) stayed roughly 20 miles up the Koyuk River for 14 days after being tagged before leaving the Koyuk River on 5 October. After traveling roughly 400 miles north of the 200 meter isopleth, ringed seal RS17-01-M (red arrow) has moved south to near the Chukchi Shelf. Ringed seal RS17-02-M (yellow arrow) has moved south and is currently near the mouth of Kotzebue Sound. Sea ice data are courtesy of the U.S. National Ice Center, dated 9 October (

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