Ice Seal Tracking Maps Archive

09/21/2020 – 10/21/2020

Requested Tracking Map
From 21 September to 21 October 2020, we received locations for 1 ringed and 2 spotted seals. During this period, the ringed seal (RS19-05-M, purple arrow) hauled out in Peard Bay. Both spotted seals also hauled out and rested during this period; SS19-05-M (purple circle) was in Kolyuchinskaya Bay, Chukotka, Russia, and SS19-06-M (green circle) was on Ice Cape.

These seals were tagged during the fall of 2019. As expected, the primary tags we epoxied to their backs have since fallen off during the annual molt this spring. The locations we are currently receiving are from the SPOT tags we attached to their flippers. Because SPOT tags are attached to their flippers we only receive locations when the seal has hauled out of the water, either on sea ice or land. Sea ice data are courtesy of the U.S. National Ice Center, dated 21 October 2020 (

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