Ice Seal Tracking Maps Archive

10/16/2017 – 11/06/2017

Requested Tracking Map
We are pleased to announce that Tom Gray of Nome tagged a young bearded seal near Cape Nome on 20 October (BS17-05-F, orange square). This seal was instrumented with a CTD tag on its back and a SPOT tag on one of its rear flippers. Tom tagged a young bearded seal in November 2016. Tom is Vice Chairman of the Alaska Beluga Whale Committee and is also trained to tag beluga whales.

During the last 21 days we have received locations for 5 bearded, 2 ringed, and 7 spotted seals. All six seals in the Chukchi Sea and six of the eight seals in the Bering Sea are within 25 miles of the coast. Only two spotted seals (SS17-03-F and SS17-06-F) are away from the coastline. Sea ice data are courtesy of the U.S. National Ice Center, dated 6 November (

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