Ice Seal Tracking Maps Archive

10/13/2019 – 11/09/2019

Requested Tracking Map
From 13 October to 9 November, we received locations for 1 bearded, 5 ringed, and 8 spotted seals. The adult bearded seal (BS19-01-M, red square) made localized movements near Utqiaġvik and Barrow Canyon. Three ringed seals (RS19-01-M, red arrow; RS19-04-M, blue arrow; and RS19-05-M, purple arrow) were in the eastern Chukchi Sea, generally in open water, but also moved along the Alaskan coast during this period. RS19-02-M (yellow arrow) was primarily in waters <200 m in the Beaufort Sea. RS19-03-M (orange arrow) moved from the northwestern Chukchi Sea to an area between mainland Russia and Wrangel Island near heavy ice. Spotted seals tagged in Dease Inlet during September were generally in the central Chukchi Sea. Five spotted seals moved between foraging areas in the central Chukchi and resting areas near Point Lay. SS19-03-M (yellow circle) moved into Kotzebue Sound and SS19-05-M (purple circle) moved near the north shore of the Chukotka Peninsula, Russia. Spotted seal SS18-02-M (brown circle) made localized movements and hauled out near Scammon Bay in the Bering Sea. Sea ice data are courtesy of the U.S. National Ice Center, dated 9 November 2019 (

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