Ice Seal Tracking Maps Archive

11/05/2016 – 11/14/2016

Requested Tracking Map
We are pleased to announce that Tom Gray of Nome and Mark Nelson (ADF&G) tagged a young male bearded seal near Cape Nome on 10 November (BS16-08-M, dashed blue line). This seal was instrumented with a CTD tag on its back and a SPOT tag on one of its rear flippers. Tom is Vice Chairman of the Alaska Beluga Whale Committee and was trained to tag seals by Mark Nelson. Tom is also trained to tag beluga whales and deployed a tag on an adult female beluga on 9 November.

During the last 10 days we have received locations for 3 bearded seals, 1 ringed seal, and 9 spotted seals. Two bearded seals, BS16-07-F (dashed yellow line) and the recently tagged BS16-08-M (dashed blue line), are in Norton Sound. The third bearded seal, BS16-06-M (dashed light green line), is still west of St. Matthew Island in the central Bering Sea. The ringed seal, RS16-02-M (red line), has moved along the Alaska coastline from Barrow to Point Hope. Spotted seals SS16-01-F (orange line), SS16-03-M (pale green line), and SS16-05-M (blue line) have moved off shore and are in the central Chukchi Sea. Spotted seals SS16-06-F (brown line), SS16-10-F (red line), and SS16-11-F (purple line) have moved south through the Bering Strait and are in the northern Bering Sea. Spotted seal SS16-07-M (aqua line) is still in Kotzebue Sound while SS16-09-F (pink line) has exited Kotzebue Sound and is in the southern Chukchi Sea. SS16-08-M (green line) is still moving along the coastline of Chukotka, Russia. No clear satellite images were available from the NASA Rapid Response Network because of thick cloud cover again. Therefore, sea ice data are courtesy of the U.S. National Ice Center and dated 14 November (

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