Elfin Cove Advisory Committee

Elfin Cove is located on the North tip of Chichagof Island with areas of jurisdiction in Game Management Unit 4, Southeastern Alaska area for finfish and Southeastern Alaska-Yakutat area for shellfish. The Elfin Cove Advisory Committee has 15 undesignated seats but has been inactive since 2008. To activate this committee, please contact the Regional Coordinator listed below.


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Regional Coordinator

Annie Bartholomew — annie.bartholomew@alaska.gov
Phone: (907) 465-4046
Fax: (907) 465-6094

Advisory Committee Members

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Meeting Information

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Notice Of Public Meeting Of The Elfin Cove Fish And Game Advisory Committee
The Elfin Cove Fish and Game Advisory Committee will be meeting at 10am December 22, 2008 at the Community Shop to discuss the upcoming issues regarding Southeast Shellfish and Finfish that go before the board this winter. They will also be holding elections at this time. The com...

Posted 12/18/2008