St Lawrence Island Advisory Committee

The St. Lawrence Island AC has 15 seats and has jurisdiction over Game Management Unit 22, Area Q3 for King Crab and Norton Sound-Port Clarence Area Finfish. It is an active AC meeting 1-2 times per year focusing primarily on fisheries issues.


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Regional Coordinator

Georgie Phillips —
Phone: (907) 442-1717
Fax: (907) 442-2420

Advisory Committee Members

Name Title Designated Seat Term Expiration
Iver Campbell Chair Undesignated, Gambell 06/2016
Branson Tungyuian Vice Chair Undesignated, Gambell 06/2016
Gloria James Secretary Undesignated, Gambell 06/2016
Melvin Apassingok Undesignated, Gambell 06/2016
Derek Seppilu Undesignated, Savoonga 06/2016
Paul Rokok Undesignated, Savoonga, Alternate 06/2016

Meeting Information

2 meetings found

St. Lawrence Island Fish and Game Advisory Committee Meeting and Elections
The St. Lawrence Island Fish and Game Advisory Committee will be holding a public meeting in Gambell in the Gambell IRA on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 at 11:00 AM-4:00 PM.  If you are unable to attend in person please call 1-800-504-8071 code 442-1717 to partic...

Posted 1/27/2014

St. Lawerence Island Fish and Game Advisory Committee Meeting
The Fish and Game St. Lawrence Island AC will be holding a meeting in Savoonga on Monday February 11th starting at 1:30 pm, Location Savoonga IRA. Issues discussed will include Statewide Fishery Proposals as well as suggested proposals for fishery management from the general pub...

Posted 1/30/2013