Advisory Committee Recognition

The Advisory Committee Recognition Program honors Advisory Committee (AC) members for their tireless efforts in service to Alaska's fish and game resources. Awards are given out annually to current and former AC members.

  • Word/Printable Nomination Form (Word doc 18 kB)
  • About Excellence in Service Awards

    Advisory committee members who have demonstrated exemplary service in helping to manage Alaska's fish and game resources are nominated each fall by Department employees, board members, and fellow advisory committee members. Up to five awards are given each year. Criteria for the Excellence in Service award include:

    • The service resulted in an action that improved the economic or community health of Alaska or a region, or the sustainability of Alaska's resources.
    • The service was unique, innovative, and commendable in the face of diverse opinions, and difficult or unusual circumstances.
    • The service demonstrated leadership in conducting AC functions.

    About Longevity Awards

    Longevity Awards are awarded to Advisory Committee members who have served at least six years or more in their local committee (years do not need to be consecutive). Awards are given automatically after six years of service.

    Nominations are due December 15, 2023 at 11:59 PM using the form below: