Alaska Fisheries Sonar

Crescent River

Crecent River

Conditions for monitoring salmon with sonar are favorable at the Crescent River sonar site. Learn more about the Crescent River and sonar site location.

The Crescent River sonar site provides Alaska Department of Fish and Game fisheries managers with sockeye salmon escapement estimates. The Crescent River makes a notable contribution to Cook Inlet sockeye production. The river is the fourth largest producer of sockeye salmon in Upper Cook Inlet. ADF&G uses the site’s estimates to help it manage commercial drift and setnet fishermen targeting Crescent River sockeye salmon.

The Crescent River sonar site is unique in that it is the only ADF&G sonar site that still uses a version of the first sonar technology developed to detect migrating fish in rivers. ADF&G has been using this technology on the Crescent River for more than 30 years.