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Steller Sea Lion (Eumetopias jubatus)
Get Involved

Report an Injured or Dead Sea Lion

Report your sightings of injured or dead sea lions to the National Marine Fisheries Service Alaska 24 hr Stranding Hotline: (877) 925-7773 or (877) 9-AKR-PRD. Sea lion carcasses provide valuable biological information if biologists can reach them quickly.

Lose the Loop!

Cutting packaging loop Learn about Steller sea lion entanglement and ADF&G research to help find ways to reduce injury and mortality from marine debris.

Report Your Sighting of a Marked Steller Sea Lion!

Learn how ADF&G uses re-sightings of marked sea lions to learn the individual survival and reproductive rates that drive population change.

Participate in the Public Process!

Regulations affecting Steller sea lions and fisheries are enacted after public process. Learn what is under consideration and how to add your input at the NOAA Steller sea lion website.