Alaska Fish & Wildlife News
January 2022

A Bear by Any Other Name
The Many Monikers of Ursus arctos Part 1

By Wilson Puryear

Spend enough time in Alaska and you are bound to hear a number of different terms tossed around in reference to the generally large, usually brownish species of bear found throughout the state. Depending on which region of the Last Frontier you travel to – or even with whom you’re speaking – you are apt to find a general preference for one of these terms over others.

Kick around in the interior or northern portions of the state and locals will tell you of run-ins with ...   A Bear by Any Name Article Continued

Hunter Access Program
Grant Funding Opportunities Available in 2022

By Jared Keeling

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s Hunter Access Program has been hard at work in 2021. Some of our readers may recall our program’s article last year where we detailed our program and announced our selection of several new projects to receive federal grant funds. With much of the construction scheduled to begin in 2022, these three projects aim to develop and enhance access to hunting, trapping, shooting, and other wildlife-related recreation in Southeast, Southcentral, and ...   Hunter Access Article Continued

A Bird’s Eye View
Amazing Adaptations of Bird Eyes

By Arin Underwood

It was late summer in Hatcher Pass, and I was hiking through the lichen and moss-covered scree slope, glancing up occasionally at the high whistle of a hoary marmot or the indignant squeak of a collared pika. When these squeaks were interrupted by the more familiar caw of a Black-billed Magpie I fumbled for my camera, I was always after magpie feathers in the sun, when the light made their iridescent blue and green plumage glow.

I sat on a comfortable mossy seat and watched the Magpie hop ...   A Bird’s Eye View Article Continued