Alaska Fish & Wildlife News
September 2023

American Marten
The torment of voles

By Burl Dickman and Riley Woodford

The winter of 2022—23 was memorable for many southcentral Alaskans. A series of weather events – heavy snowfall followed by windstorms followed by ice storms – shut down schools, businesses, and roads throughout the season. Like many of our neighbors, we hunkered down. But I hunkered down with uninvited guests: voles.

Voles in the walls. Voles in the ceiling. Voles in the crawlspace. A vole boldly ran through the living room while my cat, adorable though she may be, merely ...   American Marten Article Continued

Wolverines and Other Mysterious Mustelids

By Karl Boehmer

We woke to a chilly May morning in Chugach State Park. We were camping along Eagle River just a few miles from the river’s source, Eagle Glacier. Knowing it would take time for the sun to rise above the surrounding mountains and provide any warmth, a few in our group gathered and began our morning routine. Others remained in their tents, unwilling to rouse themselves from their sleeping bags. We lit camp stoves anticipating warm drinks and oatmeal, and the sound of the river and our stoves ...   Wolverines Article Continued

Nature’s Winged Magicians
Alaska’s Bumblebee Mimic

By Sanaa Siddiqi

At the end of Jonesville Mine Road in Sutton, a trail leads you into a mountain cleft where the smallest beginnings of a brook trickles down the craggy sides. My venture there with friends was the result of a fossil-hunting excursion. There were no fossils to be found, but I did encounter a species of willow tree not much taller than I am. Bumblebees were buzzing around in good numbers, Bombus sylvicola, known as Forest Bumblebees. They are iconic bumblebees, and being incredibly fuzzy, ...   Bumblebee mimic Article Continued