Alaska Fish & Wildlife News
April 2008

Helping Wolves in Interior Alaska
Lice Plague Some Alaska Wolf Packs

By Riley Woodford

Wolves in Interior Alaska are getting help from state wildlife biologists.

A lice infestation is plaguing a number of Alaska wolf packs, and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game is treating some packs with Ivermectin, a parasite-killing drug. Biologists and the department veterinarian are monitoring the spread of the parasites, and working with others to determine if the tiny parasites have long been present at low, undetected levels in wild wolves, or if the lice were introduced from ...   Helping Wolves ArticleContinued

Dinosaurs of the Deep
Lake Trout are Freshwater Leviathans

By Brendan Scanlon

With all of the excellent fishing to be had in Alaska, it seems odd that the largest freshwater fish is often one of the least fished for. A fish that can be caught any time of year, on everything from whole whitefish to wooly worms, and that serves up well around the campfire as well as it does on a candlelit dinner table… what more can you ask for?

Maybe the reason for this apparent neglect is because it is one thing to fish for these dinosaurs and another to actually catch them. The ...   Alaska Lake Trout ArticleContinued

Invaders from the Bayou
Be Careful with Crawfish

By Kristine Dunker

“King salmon….king salmon….king salmon…..crawfish???”

The king salmon netting crew for the Division of Sport Fish spends a lot of time sampling fish on the Kenai River during the busy summer months, and they are used to catching a lot of fish. Imagine their surprise, though, when last summer they pulled a crawfish from their gillnet.

Of all of the aquatic animals that could be collected in a gillnet on the Kenai River, crawfish are some of the least likely. Why? Because they ...   Crawfish Invaders ArticleContinued

Rockfish Through The Ages
Local Traditional Knowledge of Rockfish

By ADF&G Division of Subsistence staff

Rockfish have been harvested by Alaska Natives in Southeast and Southcentral Alaska since the earliest-known human occupation of the areas. Remains of rockfish have been found in a 9,000-year-old archaeological site in the Prince of Wales Archipelago. Rockfish bones have been found in two archaeological sites in Mitchell Bay, near the village of Angoon. Remains of bottomfish have also been found in archaeological sites in Prince William Sound.

Over 30 species of rockfish (Sebastes) inhabit ...   Rockfish ArticleContinued

Other Duties as Assigned: Karen Mitchell
Keeps Busy in Nome

By Sue Steinacher

Just the fact that Karen Mitchell makes sure budgets are tracked and paychecks are timely makes her indispensable to Division of Wildlife Conservation employees from Bethel to Barrow, but she is appreciated for carrying out far more than the typical duties of an Administrative Assistant III.

Most people in her job category have a quiet office somewhere where they can record invoices; enter timesheets, balance budgets, complete travel authorizations and process personnel action forms – all ...   Karen Mitchell ArticleContinued

Award-winning Dutch Oven Salmon Casserole
Loxlada - Finn Salmon Casserole

By Charlie Swanton

Loxlada (Finn Salmon Casserole)
By Charlie “never eat raw salmon” Swanton

1 lb. salted salmon, skinless & sliced thin (King or other rich salmon is recommended)
6 large potatoes, peeled & sliced
1 large onion, thinly sliced
2 T butter
2 C whole milk
¼ t white pepper
2 T white flour

Greased 2 qt. casserole dish (or Dutch oven)

Layer potatoes, fish, onions, begin and end with layer of potatoes and sprinkle flour and pepper on each layer ...   Salmon Casserole ArticleContinued