Alaska Fish & Wildlife News
August 2014

Information and Tools for Hunters

By Riley Woodford

Need to skin a bear, judge a legal moose or plan an expedition? Fish and Game offers a variety of how-to tools for hunters, available online for free. You can watch how-to videos on the ADF&G website or Vimeo channel. Booklets, brochures, maps of hunt areas, shot placement diagrams, game species profiles and a wealth of other hunting information is just a couple of clicks away. PDF documents can be viewed online or printed out.

Hunt Planning

Plan your hunt workbook

Hunt Alaska (PDF of 68-page book on hunting):

Hunting maps and area information

Mental and Physical preparation

Big Game hunting

Elk hunting in Southeast Alaska – what the law requires and how to make the most of your hunt

Hunting black bears in Southeast Alaska – what the law requires and how to make the most of your hunt:

Game species profiles

Hunting regulations

Firearms and Ammunition

Sighting in your rifle

caption follows
Although the idea of taking a head shot can be appealing, the heart-lung vital area is much larger and offers a much better chance for an effective killing shot.

Transporting firearms in Alaska and Canada


Common violations

Navigation on your hunt

Spotting Game

Shot placement

Video: “Is this Moose Legal”

A 40-minute video detailing how to asses a legal moose, especially with regard to spike-fork-50” antler harvest regulations. This is required viewing for some areas.

A lower resolution, download friendlier version

“Take a Closer Look” - Brown Bear Identification Video

An excellent video produced by the Yukon Government to educate hunters and guides on how to judge trophy bears. The first 12-minutes of this video offer an excellent tutorial in judging the gender and age of brown bears. Wildlife viewers can definitely benefit from this, as well as hunters. Time: 12 min training video followed by 3 quizzes. Total time of 1 hour 9 min.

A lower resolution, download friendlier version of the first 12 minutes:

Mountain Goat Identification Quiz



Dressing and skinning

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A variety of how-to videos are available on teh ADF&G website.

Skinning a bear: Knowing the proper skinning techniques for bear can make a great difference in the final product of your bear skin rug or mount. The following guidelines are the most accepted bear skinning methods used by taxidermists.

Field-to-freezer meat care

Game parasites and diseases, by host species and by disease

Also article "What is this thing in my game meat?"

How to clean a skull

Shipping and transporting game and meat

“Field Care of Big Game Meat” This 52-minute video will show you a step-by-step method to field dress a moose, no matter how or where the animal has fallen. Produced by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s Field Care of Big Game instructional video. About 53 minutes long.

Field Care of Big Game is required viewing for unguided nonresident moose and caribou hunters in Game Management Unit 19B.

Eating Game

Bear Soup and Salmon Mousse cookbook – PDF

Game meat facts, calories, etc.

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